Browser support


Our sites use modern web standards to give the best possible experience for their visitors, which means we support as standard all of the major browsers across all devices:

More specifically, we support the latest versions of these browsers.

Generally speaking, most devices 10 years old or newer which have been kept up to date with software & security updates will be capable of running a supported browser.

As we develop sites to be universally accessible users will still be able to use our sites on older devices or browsers, though the presentation may differ where newer features are not present.

For users on devices no longer supported by their manufacturer, or unable to run the latest versions of browsers, we recommend using the browser most recently supported from any of the major browser vendors.

For more information on browser support please contact us.

Browser test suite

We test our sites on a range of browsers based on usage statistics across all our sites. This data is reviewed quarterly and our browser test suite updated as appropriate to account for over 95% of visits.

Browser test suite
Operating system Browser
Android Chrome
Opera Mini
iOS Safari for iOS
macOS Chrome
Windows Chrome
Microsoft Edge